31st october 2019


happy halloween!!! i guess i got a bit busy and blogging got pushed to the back of my mind. i've been having a few ideas about starting an arty blog / a dump where i post nice images i've found and then post the progress of my own works of art also. i'm still mulling it all over really, it's still a thing at the back of my mind. i started going to the gym a week ago too :) woo

22nd september 2019


it's been a long time since i was really excited to blog after even a short break due to being really busy at work. :)
i am working all day tomorrow, but i am off on tuesday and friday so hopefully i will get a chance to go to my studio again then. it's been really good going there and just having fun with it! i am yet to go back to the gym, however i think i will give it a go this week coming. it'll be nice to get back into some sort of routine again heh.

i have loads of ideas for this site, such as layouts and individual pages layouts. or maybe something else entirely, who knows!! i would definitely like to get back into making layouts. i'm working on adding more lists to the lists page, it definitely feels better now they are public and that people are able to see them. the accountability thing is definitely working!

today i had waffles with chocolate and blueberries, they were delicious. i also played some earthbound and super mario world with my wonderful boyfriend. have a wonderful rest of your sunday and i hope your week ahead is equally as wonderful. wonderful wonderful wonderful

18th september 2019


i went to my studio today and felt really good about it after. i need to remind myself that it is worth the getting up early, it's worth the planning the night before! it's something i need to do more regularly than i do.
speaking of doing things regularly, i really need to get back to the gym asap.i've been feeling really sluggish lately so maybe i need to look after myself a little bit more. it wouldn't hurt me to get back into a good routine of packing my lunches and going to the gym a few times a week - heck i could even do it before i start work or after i finish work. just get a later bus home :)
i have updated page 03 with some lists of mine. i really like making lists so i thought it might be a good place to put them - perhaps a bit of accountability too?
i decided not to go down the mobile compatibility route / responsive design with this site as it kind of defeats the object of this platform. shit maybe my next layout will be absolute positioned too :O ahhhh memories

17th september 2019


i have done a lot of website work today on my other website (portfolio) which i am pretty proud of. i've also done a lot of tweakking here, and uploaded the brushes i use! they stil have the old url on them though, i might just edit out the thumbnail and just have them as a standard icon thing ??? if that made sense. neocities dosen't host zip so i'm linking them from my portfolio for the time being :) i'll see if anyone is interested in them??? or should i just move them to my portfolio full time. huhhh. idunno. well i followed a few interesting bloggy looking sites today :) i love the creativity of the sites on here.

16th september 2019


okay i've tweaked this and updated that and imported my layout from my previous site for the time being. it's looking okay! i still need to do a few bits here and there. i feel good getting back to my roots with just html and css. can neocities support php? or maybe i need to look into shtml. Would anybody be interested if I uploaded some brushes for photoshop/paint shop pro etc that people can freely use? oof

2nd september 2019


uhh i'll see if i can tweak this


maybe having a diary or journal thing that is just completely static will help me with how i've been feeling lately.
today i put off applying for a full time job by watching youtube videos of shit i can't even remember
and made a neocities website.
i don't even know why i put the job application off all day, accomplishing nothing just makes me feel really awful??? i guess i did it because the thought of filling in every single thing and making it sound great is overwhelming. maybe i just need to chunk it out into smaller steps.
maybe that's a good idea, i'll do that after i've had a shower and packed my lunch for tomorrow. maybe i'll put it on a usb stick and go to the library before the studio tomorrow.