22nd october 2021


period pain sucksss. so much has changed in 7 months, but that stays the same.

i moved (with my boyfriend and cat in tow) 200 miles away, bought so much furniture and found new jobs. it was scary, exciting, emotional :( i've been doing better recently. i picked up a paintbrush for the first time in 6 months, albeit i haven't painted in a couple weeks now, my new job is keeping me busy (that doesn't change either!)
i am feeling better, i am doing better. i am doing more. i have lots of paintings planned, including a giant commission, a zine in the works, and a project on instagram i've been enjoying! :)
i've been reading a lot more too which i haven't done in FOREVER and i love it !!

i've been thinking of getting a self-hosted blog again, with wordpress instaled and comments and the such. i miss stuff like that, the community, etc. but i know that community has long gone and the remnants of it are now influencing bloggers/paid per blog or on neocities. or gone altogether. i miss blogging when blogging wasn't an article or a paid review, or an unpaid review. just about shit you did that week, that day, the photoshop brushes you made for your visitors. gosh i miss it

good night!!

13th march 2021


oop long time no blog! my first full time job has given me a new challenge in regards to the work/life balance. sometimes i come home from work too tired to do anything, so i take a nap, make some dinner, feed my cat, and go to bed. it's something i'm working on; i've been trying out different habit tracking apps/methods, and i find that has helped. just chunking out my tasks into little, bite-sized pieces seems to be the secret. for example, instead of 'do skincare routine', it'll be multiple tasks of 'wash face, apply bha, apply hyaluronic acid, moisturise, suncream'. even if i don’t finish the entire routine, i can visually see i did some things, and that makes me feel so much better.

as well as wanting to get my work life balance in order, i want to get back into semi regular blogging. i think it'll give me a good outlet to get all my feelings out, my ideas, what i did that day, and reflect on what i could do differently the next. maybe 300 words max a day to start off with? i think it’ll be a good place to start :) nothing toooooo crazy.

so let’s seeeee, today i want to get some tasks done. hopefully i’ll check in tomorrow with how it all worked out.

to do
change the bedsheets
hoover and mop the floors
patch up my tote bag
plan april
sync up work’s trello system with odd tasks here and there i left in my work diary
^ plan these tasks accordingly
go grocery shopping
review reference footage/photos and collate into folders for painting refs
schedule set dates to complete any tasks that i didn’t get round to completing this weekend

see you tomorrow!