3rd January 2024


Happy new year! I suppose I was supposed to blog on the 1st as I usually do, but I've been spending my Christmas break catching up on my YouTube 'watch later' playlist, knitting, and getting really into GTAV roleplayers on Twitch.
First two days of the new year have been good so far. My intentions with going to my parents for the Christmas and New Year period was to really be as relaxed as possible, focus on myself. My skincare routine has never been so consistent, I've knitted a coffee cup cosy and a hot water bottle cover (Link to the pattern here - 'Hottle Bottle'), read a couple books, and worked on other hobby projects that can be done via my parent's wifi connection. Like this new layout, for example

It's my last full day here until I go back home to my cat and partner. I'm looking forward to it, I'm ready to be a human again with responsibilities like laundry, emptying bins, cleaning up, and working. Not that I haven't been helping around the house whilst I've been here, of course I have! Tomorrow, I'd like to help my mum work on this Christmas puzzle she started today, do some last minute laundry to take advantage of my parent's very fancy washing machine & tumble drier, and work on the next Queen Beat Zine... Very wholesome to do list.