brushes i use for my layouts

brushes for paint shop pro, photoshop etc

Here are my collection of brush packs that I use to make my website layouts. You can use them for whatever as long as:

1. they are not used for commercial purposes
2. they are not rehosted on another website
3. they aren't claimed as someone else's creation

The downloads are .zip files and contain .png images of the brushes in varying sizes, so you can import them as a custom brush for whatever program you use. have fun!

14 Scribbled Biro Brushes DOWNLOAD | 152 KB

10 Dripping Watercolour Brushes DOWNLOAD | 332 KB

13 Scribbled Fineliner Brushes DOWNLOAD | 336 KB

12 Makeup Wipe Brushes DOWNLOAD | 147 KB

32 Watercolour Brushes DOWNLOAD | 2.8 MB